Example of a Sweet Sampler Box. Includes 2 Cookies, 2 Cookie Sandwiches and 2 Squares.

1 Sweet Sampler Box

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Can't decide what to order?  How about one of our Sampler Boxes?!

We select the flavours from what is fresh in our bakery the day we send it to you.  Each box contains:

2 Cookies
2 Cookie Sandwiches
2 Squares

Please note if you pick a Sweet Sampler Box you cannot specify which flavours you would like.

Remember, everything we make can be frozen for up to 3 months. 
Everything Ms. Cupcake makes is 100% vegan. 

Sweet Sampler box contains - GlutenSoya and may contain Peanuts or Nuts - Please choose 'No Nuts' option for your products to be free from Nuts or Peanut ingredients. 

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