4 Giant Vegan Cake Slices

4 Giant Vegan Cake Slices

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At our bakery we do our darn best to re-create that nostalgic memory of visiting your grannies house. Big slice of cake with a refreshing tea and a warm natter! Can't beat it!

Our giant vegan cake slices are THE closest thang to those near-perfect times. Four giant slices available in five classic flavours;

Chocolate - contains Gluten and Soya
Red Velvet - contains Gluten and Soya
Victoria Sponge - contains Gluten and Soya

Goes well with tea, coffee and laughter...

Please note that we are unable to provide a mixture of flavours in each pack of four.

Remember, everything we make can be frozen for up to 3 months.
Everything Ms. Cupcake makes is 100% vegan.

We can make the Chocolate and Victoria Sponge cake slices free from Soya - Please request this option in the notes section when placing your order.

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